How we can save you money

Below are some ways in which Verdant Ecology can help you reduce costs and maximise profits.

To get the most out of these, it is imperative that you contact us at the earliest possible opportunity.

Competence. We almost never make mistakes. By doing a good job first time around, anticipating hiccups and informing you of your future hurdles (not just the next one), you are less likely to get nasty surprises (although we can’t predict every vagary of nature). In the rare event that we make an error, we own it and take responsibility for it.

Value for money. We aren’t the cheapest around (though we are very competitive). However, you get what you pay for and many of our clients are those who have left us for cheaper providers, only to return to us because of unfortunate experiences with those others.

Sensible site selection/design. Consult us before you buy a property or produce fancy plans. Choosing a site or design that is appropriate for your intentions but less likely to conflict with protective legislation and policy is advisable.

Minimal overheads. We have never advertised – our clients are our touts. Verdant Ecology has no employees and no office. We only subcontract when work is available so we do not need to charge you for our ‘running’ costs. We subcontract to trusted associates near your site so that travel costs are minimised (thus also reducing the environmental cost).

VAT-free (usually). Most of the team are self-employed and don’t charge VAT.

Profits returned. If the work we conduct costs less than the price we quoted, we will return 33% of any extra profit made to you, retain 33% ourselves and donate, in your name, the remaining 34% to an environmental charity that both parties agree on as being worthy.

Multi-skilled surveyors. We use experienced staff with a wide range of skills. This means we can conduct several surveys in one visit (where seasonal restrictions allow). For example, why have an arborist do a tree survey if they don’t know how to assess the bat roost potential of trees?

We are busy. We never need to generate work for ourselves. We only do what is necessary to achieve your goals.

Increased property value. A property that has a pleasant environment and is functional and endowed with natural resources should be easier to sell and should achieve a premium.

Avoiding delays or prosecution. Inadequate consideration of the environment can lead to….

  • Planning consent being delayed (often by more than a year) or even refused.
  • Unplanned changes to working practices being imposed.
  • Work being stopped at very short notice.
  • Prosecution or fines.

More manageable land. We can advise you on how to end up with a property that is easier (and thus cheaper) to manage. Achieving your goals, yet saving money when compared to your current regime.

Waste minimisation. Re-use of ‘waste’ in ecological works can often reduce the cost of disposal whilst adding to the ecological value of a site.

Ecological added value. Ways of incorporating ecological mitigation into actions that you may have to undertake anyway, thus enhancing the wildlife value of your proposals through simple, cost-neutral or cost-saving actions.

Desk studies. Finding and using pre-existing information can save time and channel subsequent efforts more effectively.

Scheduling. Creating or modifying plans so as to try to reduce conflict between your intended action and nature’s calendar.

Grants. We can advise on obtaining funding. Anything from free trees, through farmland management grants, to green energy subsidies.