Planning and development (UK)


Advisory services in relation to protected ecological features and their significance in the planning process. From site selection or pre-app guidance through to section106 agreements and delivery.

Baseline surveys and reports

PEA (Preliminary Ecological Assessment). Sometimes called Phase 1 surveys. To establish basic habitat types, whether these need more detailed survey and what species they might support.

River Corridor Surveys and River Habitat Surveys

Surveys of water corridors and reports.

BS5837: Trees in Relation to Design, Demolition and Construction. Establishing constraints imposed by trees worthy of retention and if/how they can be retained.

Protected species licensing

We can obtain licences to affect protected species.

Habitat surveys

Botanical surveys to determine the value of habitats in their own right.

Biodiversity Net Gain

Determining the ecological value of a site, then proposing habitat retention and/or creation to demonstrate that the ecological value of the site will be greater post-development.

Environmental Impact Assessment or Environmental Statements

We can do the ecology and arboriculture chapters.

Condition Assessment

Surveys and assessments of sites protected and designated for wildlife. To determine the effectiveness of management regimes, threats to its value and what could be done to improve matters.

Appropriate Assessment

If your project might affect a site protected at the European level you may need one of these. We can help with the ecological aspects of this process.