Fulmar, St Kilda

We provide training courses.

We do ecotourism trips.

We do scientific research.

For planning and development…..

We do surveys, reports, impact licences and mitigation.

We assess the potential of buildings, trees and habitats.

We conduct follow up surveys:

• Species inventories by sight and sound.

• Structured surveys (transects, point counts, Common Bird Census, Breeding Bird Survey, Wetland Bird Survey).

• Checks of buildings and vegetation for active nests.

Mitigation may include habitat protection, preventing impacts on active nests, sensitive habitat clearance or creation of new.

Blue rock thrush, Corfu
Puffin, Skomer
Superb fairy-wren, Australia
Monitoring stone curlew nests, Salisbury plain
Black redstart chicks, Czech Republic
Mist-netting, Dorset
Bird surveys, saltmarsh, Albania
Lapwing chick, Wiltshire
Common skua, Shetland
House martin at nest
White stork, Morocco
Little owl, Bulgaria
Larder of an acorn woodpecker, California