Badger roadkill, Scotland

We provide training courses.

We conduct scientific research.

For planning and development…..

We do surveys, reports, impact licences and mitigation.

We assess the potential for a site to support badgers.

We conduct follow up surveys:

• Walkover surveys for presence/likely absence.

• Mapping of field signs.

• Camera ‘trap’ surveys.

• Dusk/dawn vigils (to count numbers of individuals).

• Bait-marking surveys to establish territories and foraging activity.

Mitigation may include fences to make a site secure against badgers, habitat enhancements, licensed sett closure, providing highway underpasses or even artificial setts.

Badger footprint, Essex
One-way badger-excluding gate
Badger hairs on fence, Bedfordshire
Badger sett, Surrey
Badger highway, Surrey