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The following description is of the activities of Verdant Ecology in the UK. We do, however, conduct similar work overseas.

Consultancy Survey Assessment Mitigation Management Research and Monitoring Training Aquatic Plants


Please contact us for advice on how your proposals may be influenced by the natural environment.

This might be inquiries into the likely survey, reporting effort, constraints and mitigation measures needed to satisfy relevant government agencies, or an assessment of the adequacy and likely acceptability of ecological work submitted as part of an Environmental Statement or Impact Assessment, planning application, method statement or survey proposal.

We offer advice and guidance on;


The process of acquiring information on the ecology of a site and its surroundings.

Ecological Assessment

Once survey information has been collected and collated, it should be used to establish the status of the site.

Ecological Mitigation

Development of a site or a change in its management is bound to have some impact on the ecology of any area. Mitigation of these impacts may be needed whether you want to ensure a pleasant environment, add value to a site or because you are obligated to compensate for the effect of your development by planning conditions or due to the presence of legally protected species or habitats.

Mitigation is likely to take one or more of the following forms (in order of preference).


Verdant Ecology specializes in devising integrated management regimes in order to achieve an acceptable balance between potentially conflicting land uses such as recreation, conservation, development, waste management, forestry or agriculture.

Verdant Ecology has expertise in management of the following environments: Coastal, Developed or Development sites, Farmland, Grassland, Heathland Hedgerows, Trees/Woodland, Wetlands

We can:

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Research and Monitoring

If the ecological impacts of site development have been properly incorporated into the planning process, there should be a requirement to monitor any protected habitats or species before, during and after operations in order to;

Conservation/Science. Verdant Ecology can also devise and conduct more scientific ecology research or monitoring programmes.


The Verdant Ecology group has a wide range of knowledge useful to those learning about the natural environment. They also have a strong desire to see standards and expertise in ecology and land management increase and are thus keen to pass on the benefit of their experience. If you or your group has training needs, please contact Verdant Ecology for further information.

Aquatic Plants

Verdant Ecology can provide aquatic plants for wetland creation or enhancement schemes. Our plants are free of exotic, invasive plant species and crayfish plague. Contact us for information on prices and supply.

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